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ZK-BRNO s.r.o. - firm's profile


ZK-BRNO s.r.o. was founded in May 1996 by amalgamating three smaller specialised surveying firms with the aim of providing complete engineering surveys. At present, ZK-BRNO s.r.o. is a stable and prosperous firm that provides service in the following spheres:

 Engineering and building surveys

 Reallotment and geometric plans

 Information systems for municipalities

 Designer support and engineering


Our main customers are utility networks administrators (Český Telecom, JIHOMORAVSKÁ ENERGETIKA, Jihomoravská plynárenská, Vodárenská a.s. - communications, power, gas and water suppliers), towns and municipalities (Vyškov, Rousínov, Slavkov, Oslavany) and many other firms (SELF Servis, Techniserv Net, Sitel).

The company presently employs 30 people, mostly engineers or specialist in surveying, who work in the Engineering Surveys and Reallotment divisions.


Detailed information:

Business name:

ZK-BRNO s.r.o.

Legal status:

Limited liability company

Date of foundation:

May 28, 1996


Marie Hübnerové 1704/58, 621 00, Brno, Czech Republic

Organisation Ident. No.:


Tax Ident. No.:



+420 517 070 540, +420 777 744 200


Reiffeisen BANK, Account No.: 3873425001/5500


Products and services

ZK-BRNO s.r.o. offers the following services:


Engineering Surveys division

The Engineering Surveys division deals mainly with geodesic surveying for projects, laying out of buildings, making out documentation for actual workmanship of buildings and mapping.

Digital purpose-made maps

Laying out of maps for projects

Information retrieval from networks administrators about network routes

Search for underground networks

Laying out of actual routes of utility networks

Laying out and surveying for buildings

Function of responsible surveyor on site

Making out technical maps of plants and towns

Crane track structures measurement

Making out digital models of terrain



Purpose-made maps of the towns of Vyškov, Rousínov, Slavkov, Židlochovice, Oslavany

Surveys of actual utility networks routes for administrators like Český Telecom, JMP, JME, Vodovody a kanalizace

Surveys of optical cable routes Brno - Český Těšín, Lanžhot - Hora sv. Kateřiny etc.

Survey and lay-out of buildings for OK Siemens Stříbro, Mazda AB Auto Brno, FC Drnovice stadium, Moravian National Library, Českomoravský cement - Mokrá plant, radioactive waste dump for Dukovany nuclear power plant, hermetic reactor zones for Temelín nuclear power plant


Reallotment division

The Reallotment division deals with partial and complex allotments in the districts of Brno, Brno-rural area, Vyškov and Hodonín. The division also makes out geometric plans and ensures settlement of property relationships for both individuals and organisations.


Information Systems

ZK-BRNO s.r.o. also provides information systems to towns and municipalities. The basis of the system is geodesic data measured by the Engineering Surveys division or gained from other maps, plans and aerial photographs. Moreover, we offer preparation of information and orientation plans of areas, plants, hospitals and digital data for territorial planning.

Introductory studies for GIS

Preparation of Geographic Information Systems

Interconnection of graphic and database data

Training and consultations



GIS for towns and municipalities: Ivančice, Oslavany, Padochov, Čučice, Moutnice etc.


Designer Support and Engineering

ZK-BRNO s.r.o. offers support to designers: digitalisation of maps, communication and data exchange with utility networks administrators, public authorities and local governments, negotiations with land owners.

Digitalisation and scanning of maps

Raster data transformation and vectorisation

Land plans digitalisation

Communication and data exchange with utility networks administrators

Data retrieval and communication with the Land Registry and public authorities

Negotiations with land owners



ZK-BRNO s.r.o. supports and takes an active part in various sports and social activities within the region.

We sponsor the Senators Rosice ice hockey club (1st league) and the Ivančice handball group (1st league). In addition, we are partners of the Horal Ivančice cycle club, Hostěnice riding club and Blansko basketball group. We also participate in minor events such as the Tour de Krigl cycle race or a traditional event called Geoparty held by university students of geodesy.


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